Friday, June 6, 2008

First week [check]

hoorah! my first week at work was ..... fun! highlights include the work cafe yummy grilled salmon.. and lots and lots of meetings. (i'm a nerd) but it was cooling seeing and hearing all the craziness behind the scenes.

the point i realized this is the place for me.... i went to my first staff meeting and we began by discussing angelina jolie and her babies! perks: my weekly fix of celeb news!

ms. yipc has been an awesome tour guide... introducing me to some yummy and affordable eats. :)
first up : malaysian at $5.95 i'd say a STEAL!

BRISKET and chicken curry (mine) = yuuum!

curry chicken and more chicken (ms. yipc's)

we met up again mid-week with IOWAfatchicken for thai!

my soy sauce noodles with chicken and chinese broccoli
(yeah, i'm not sure how that's thai either)

meet my nicely tanned dinner companions! :)

i'm slowly learning north from south and how to get around.... EMphasis on slowly!

also, my dear room is no longer empty!
announcing the arrival of one JSONG!
welcome, welcome, welcome!

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Kirk said...

that malaysian place looks fammiliar!