Saturday, May 31, 2008


i'm currently sitting in my 1/2 empty, cozy, room! i just unpacked... and it's waaay past my bedtime.. this whole east coast one hour ahead works wonders for my lame-ness early sleeping. ha!

anywho, i started out my journey.. quite nicely..arriving in pretty white fluffy clouds.. (see pic)

my lovely aunt & uncle picked me up, took me to my apartment... then i joined them for a bit of TANGO-ING.. that's riiight.. i learned a few moves( tehehe)

i'm all moved in for the most part.
feeling: eeek! :)

tomorrow, i will conquer the subway! wish me luck


saycheese said...

eeeeeeeeeeek :)

Jean said...

cooooozyyyyy :)

sw said...

hii kathleen! the subway's pretty smelly huh. anyhow, i work in chelsea on thursdays through saturdays until 6pm if you ever want to grab dinner :)