Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello, NYC!

Special thanks to our shakey-handed photographer and crazy driver :)

I think it started freshman year when we would say things like "Wouldn't it be cool to work in NYC?!" Then we started to take these passing comments more seriously, and it eventually evolved to "Let's go the summer before senior year!"

And ta-da! Despite the doubters who didn't think it would happen :), we made it, and we're here! Woohoo!

First day at work (aka today) was interesting! We had orientation in the morning then went to the office in the afternoon. I'm excited for the things to come! Like seminars with Anna Wintour (one of my all time faves Devil Wears Prada is based off of her), projects, etc! We'll see how it goes...

To a summer of much learning and growing up!! :))) Cheers!

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