Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 4 ~ :)

The beginning of ::gasp:: week 5! i can't believe it.

So here goes. prepare yourself for several pics!

we've shopped, eaten, and finally got some CULTURE in.
yayuh to


through a trailer--> i spy jean

Free Red Mango!!!

the line

notice: the subway sandwich.... we were thiiiis close from yanking it out of her hands and gobbling it all up.. hunger hit while waiting....

Finally! ( green tea + gharadelli dark chocolate chips)

i give it yUUUmmy (3 U's)... bad combo..
but separately.. maybe 4!

HungryNYCinterns ... no more... sweeet victory!

A blurry
Brooke Fraser

and mini kobe beef burgers

i listen to her mySpace playlist on repeat @ work.
boootiful voice!

jean's eats.

Korean Fried Chicken! (Unidentified Flying Chicken)
disclaimer** no actual pictures of the chicken.... got distracted by the yummyness and forgot about the photos.. until......

if you look verrry closely.. you can see jane's piece!

**now : i finally remembered.... PHOTO time. ha! (bones)

happy customers :)

UFC= yUUUUmmy! (4 U's)
not too greasy, not too much crispy skin... juuust right!
spicy too!

next time teaser--> tae's bday --> chocolate fest!


Ray Deng said...

nice green tea ice froyo. i think this might make up for the other pic you stole online.

anyways, looks like you're having a blast. enjoy NYC before fall!

Sam said...