Thursday, June 19, 2008

Much Needed Update! Week 3!

sooo i'm missing a few updates/pictures from my 2nd week... miss has a bulk of the pics... buuut here goes my mini update:) i've come up with a grading scale... based upon the number of 'u's in the word yum. (1 u = standard, good but not great) so you may notice.. the lowest score is yummy. which i know is a bit weird. but come on, when's the last time you've had something that was downright.. ewwww. riiight? if something's that bad. it will receive no grade. no yum.

internship is getting more interestng
some after church food:

Ippudo : Ramen!!

awesome atmosphere!

check out the broth. I give it yUUUmmy! (3Us)

AFter the noodle fest... we found.. YOGURTLAND!

notice all the smiiiles i give this one yUUUUUmmy! (5 Us)

later that niiight... a romantical stroll and tire swing!
[teaser alert]

check back soon for some sweeeet pictures~!


sukie said...

hahahaha you guys are kyooooot.

saycheese said...

dudes!! what's that white frothy stuff on the broth?! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna see a post on breadpapa! =)

Sam said...