Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 4 ~ :)

The beginning of ::gasp:: week 5! i can't believe it.

So here goes. prepare yourself for several pics!

we've shopped, eaten, and finally got some CULTURE in.
yayuh to


through a trailer--> i spy jean

Free Red Mango!!!

the line

notice: the subway sandwich.... we were thiiiis close from yanking it out of her hands and gobbling it all up.. hunger hit while waiting....

Finally! ( green tea + gharadelli dark chocolate chips)

i give it yUUUmmy (3 U's)... bad combo..
but separately.. maybe 4!

HungryNYCinterns ... no more... sweeet victory!

A blurry
Brooke Fraser

and mini kobe beef burgers

i listen to her mySpace playlist on repeat @ work.
boootiful voice!

jean's eats.

Korean Fried Chicken! (Unidentified Flying Chicken)
disclaimer** no actual pictures of the chicken.... got distracted by the yummyness and forgot about the photos.. until......

if you look verrry closely.. you can see jane's piece!

**now : i finally remembered.... PHOTO time. ha! (bones)

happy customers :)

UFC= yUUUUmmy! (4 U's)
not too greasy, not too much crispy skin... juuust right!
spicy too!

next time teaser--> tae's bday --> chocolate fest!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Much Needed Update! Week 3!

sooo i'm missing a few updates/pictures from my 2nd week... miss has a bulk of the pics... buuut here goes my mini update:) i've come up with a grading scale... based upon the number of 'u's in the word yum. (1 u = standard, good but not great) so you may notice.. the lowest score is yummy. which i know is a bit weird. but come on, when's the last time you've had something that was downright.. ewwww. riiight? if something's that bad. it will receive no grade. no yum.

internship is getting more interestng
some after church food:

Ippudo : Ramen!!

awesome atmosphere!

check out the broth. I give it yUUUmmy! (3Us)

AFter the noodle fest... we found.. YOGURTLAND!

notice all the smiiiles i give this one yUUUUUmmy! (5 Us)

later that niiight... a romantical stroll and tire swing!
[teaser alert]

check back soon for some sweeeet pictures~!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello, NYC!

Special thanks to our shakey-handed photographer and crazy driver :)

I think it started freshman year when we would say things like "Wouldn't it be cool to work in NYC?!" Then we started to take these passing comments more seriously, and it eventually evolved to "Let's go the summer before senior year!"

And ta-da! Despite the doubters who didn't think it would happen :), we made it, and we're here! Woohoo!

First day at work (aka today) was interesting! We had orientation in the morning then went to the office in the afternoon. I'm excited for the things to come! Like seminars with Anna Wintour (one of my all time faves Devil Wears Prada is based off of her), projects, etc! We'll see how it goes...

To a summer of much learning and growing up!! :))) Cheers!

Friday, June 6, 2008

First week [check]

hoorah! my first week at work was ..... fun! highlights include the work cafe yummy grilled salmon.. and lots and lots of meetings. (i'm a nerd) but it was cooling seeing and hearing all the craziness behind the scenes.

the point i realized this is the place for me.... i went to my first staff meeting and we began by discussing angelina jolie and her babies! perks: my weekly fix of celeb news!

ms. yipc has been an awesome tour guide... introducing me to some yummy and affordable eats. :)
first up : malaysian at $5.95 i'd say a STEAL!

BRISKET and chicken curry (mine) = yuuum!

curry chicken and more chicken (ms. yipc's)

we met up again mid-week with IOWAfatchicken for thai!

my soy sauce noodles with chicken and chinese broccoli
(yeah, i'm not sure how that's thai either)

meet my nicely tanned dinner companions! :)

i'm slowly learning north from south and how to get around.... EMphasis on slowly!

also, my dear room is no longer empty!
announcing the arrival of one JSONG!
welcome, welcome, welcome!