Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 5/6/beginning of 7 ! :)

ohh hhhhhWOW! how time has flown by

only.... 4 weeks left... aaah! sooo much to do and sooo little time!

ook so here comes a giiiant photo dump:

first up: as promised! tae turns 21! :)
~max brenner's

birthday boy + birthday... piece of chocolate! (in a wish dish!)


the yuuuminess:
chocolate pizza!

Next up:
yankees game v. RANGERS (yayuh!)


4th of July!

daytime ~ street fair

spinning meat!

aaaah.. roasted corn. yUUUUUm!

fireworks @ night!

*The MET*

chheeers! yay for beautiful weather, softball, and lovely new friends!

next time : christine's first drink! (happy 21st!) more softball pics.. and foooood!!